The Torvad & Starla Podcast


WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN A FUN HOUR OF Entertainment, Great News about Music, Film, Technology,Health, Video Game Reviews and Best Exotic Spicy Foods.

 Podcast Brief

Torvad and Starla join forces to collaborate on a Podcast dedicated to all things entertainment. While also shedding a light on mental health struggles and Epilepsy awareness. The witty banter of these two siblings is what sets them apart from others. They are extreme opposites who share the same love for being one another’s greatest and life longest friend. Torvad is a gentle introvert with a love for terrible films and gaming. Starla is an in your face, extrovert who is a lover of dramas and art films. Torvad suffers from epilepsy and Starla suffers for him. When one of them is down they are both down. This podcast is a celebration of life. When Torvad was in a coma for ten days Starla sang to him. She told him to wake up because it was only a bad dream. She said she would be waiting for him. This podcast is for all of the broken hearted people who are now waking up from a long terrible dream. The dream is now.