Red Dead Redemptions 2

A game brought to you by Rockstar who made GTA also.  

You are part of a group of outlaws led by a suspicious and sometimes crazy man named Dutch.  

At any time you can stop doing main story quests and fish, hunt or do side quests will so much variety you will only want to do those.  

The best part of the game, is that you never really feel truly alone. Not only will you have your trusty steed with you most of the time. 

You can easily spend 100+ hours just collecting plants or hunt to create different outfits to suit your character.  

Make sure to watch your character because he can lose weight and gain and that has a negative impact on how you play.  

If you get tired of story mode you can hop into online and race with other people and do missions together. Go get a copy today it is an amazing experience.  

The game for sure is a 5 out of 5. 

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