Podcast Brief 

Torvad and Starla join forces to collaborate on a Podcast dedicated to all things entertainment. While also shedding a light on mental health struggles and Epilepsy awareness. The witty banter of these two siblings is what sets them apart from others. They are extreme opposites who share the same love for being one another’s greatest and life longest friend. Torvad is a gentle introvert with a love for terrible films and gaming. Starla is an in your face, extrovert who is a lover of dramas and art films. Torvad suffers from epilepsy and Starla suffers for him. When one of them is down they are both down. This podcast is a celebration of life. When Torvad was in a coma for ten days Starla sang to him. She told him to wake up because it was only a bad dream. She said she would be waiting for him. This podcast is for all of the broken hearted people who are now waking up from a long terrible dream. The dream is now. 


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Red Dead Redemptions 2  

A game brought to you by Rockstar who made GTA also.  

You are part of a group of outlaws led by a suspicious and sometimes crazy man named Dutch.  

At any time you can stop doing main story quests and fish, hunt or do side quests will so much variety you will only want to do those.  

The best part of the game, is that you never really feel truly alone. Not only will you have your trusty steed with you most of the time. 

You can easily spend 100+ hours just collecting plants or hunt to create different outfits to suit your character.  

Make sure to watch your character because he can lose weight and gain and that has a negative impact on how you play.  

If you get tired of story mode you can hop into online and race with other people and do missions together. Go get a copy today it is an amazing experience.  

The game for sure is a 5 out of 5. 

The Garbage pail kids movie  

When you go into a movie that has a o% on Rotten Tomato’s you expect nothing but a bad time and this movie gave me nothing but nightmares so it lived up to that 0% 

As I watched with a buddy of mine I wanted to turn it off after 5 minutes of watching because it made me cringe the whole time.  

The story is about a creepy 14 year old named Dodger who is bullied but a group of men and gets thrown into a dumpster and into the sewers so you start feeling bad for him after a while.  

It turns out that he is in love with a girl in that group named Tangerine who is in her 20’s so I was really wondering after seeing him go through all of that why he would keep wanting that girl.  

            Then you find out that Dodger works in an antique shop and has to make sure a trashcan in the shop is never open. It is pretty obvious what is wrong with it because it has slime coming out of it but he is cool with that I guess. 

Then finally the can opens up and some creepy ugly kids come out and you have a half human alligator thing that loves eating toes being one as well as one that farts all the time and one that has snot on her face. I was just like that is a lot of drugs you would have to take to make these kids.  

            They help Dodger with his issues with the bully’s by scaring them of but ask if he can help them save one of their family members from a jail that only has ugly people in it before it is too late and they are killed and this pretty much becomes the focus