Trevor Bennett a.k.a. Torvad


Trevor Bennett was born and raised in California. He currently lives in the beautiful city of Brea in Orange County. He attended the Brea Schools where he made a few good  friends in elementary and they are still great friends.

Trevor played bass guitar for his Sister Meg's band for a few years but he often said he would rather work in Radio broadcasting. He wanted to be heard, not seen on stage.

Trevor's life was interrupted when he started having Epileptic Seizures. He suffered for 10 years. Thanks to the scientists he was able to recover after a brain surgery even though he had many complications after the surgery. With family love and support he continued to recover and also continued his education at Fullerton College and at the Radio Broadcasting Academy, majoring in Broadcasting.

Trevor is also a very valuable partner for the family business with his I.T. knowledge, which comes on very handy, maintaining the company's computer equipment in good condition.  

Trevor wants to empower others who suffer with similar health problems and show them that they can also achieve their goals and dreams one day at a time. Having a strong support system is so important. If you are alone, look for the right organizations and support groups where you will find love and understanding.

Trevor loves animals. He and his Sister Meg adopt animals and care for 13 pets. Trevor and Meg hope to share how much they love all their pets and they hope to give the message to people that adopting an animal gives you so much therapeutic help for the person and the animal.

A comic book about animal adoption will be published soon by Trevor & Megan Bennett.  Also another book on Epileptic Seizures with a documentary on how to survive Epilepsy will be published soon to help young adults to find ways to move forward with their lives.

Trevor's company, T.B. Media Hub, is a non-profit company and it's goal is to help young adults with scholarships to help them achieve their educational and life goals.

Trevor will be focusing in PODCASTING at the beginning and gradually he will work and build his radio internet at the same time.  The Torvad & Starla PODCAST will share news in Technology, Entertainment, Great best movie and worst movie review. He will as well share  his  Health journey.  Trevor LOVES Exotic Foods.  He will share reviews of  great spicy exotic dishes.    

Trevor hopes to make a difference in your lives, BROADCASTING  with Love and Laughter.




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